The Divine Territories

02: Onward to Leccinon

Ian attains level two from previous encounters.

Ian obtains a room for himself and Xavril at the inn, as well as purchases breakfast the following morning. Xavril tells Ian over breakfast that Tenby is the last bastion of civilization in the northern part of the Ammoranthian Empire and most trade occurs with Leccinon.

Ian and Xavril embark on their journey to Leccinon on foot. On the first evening they approach a caravan. Camped for the evening are Sanni and Lilli, travelling mother and daughter merchants in arcane goods. Ian and Xavril are reluctant to trust the strangers but agree to share their fire as well as some of their rations. The next morning, Ian and Xavril woke up to find that Sanni and Lilli were gone but left a single tarot card by their bedrolls. The tarot card can be used to change the adventurer’s luck in a pinch but only works on occasion.

Continuing their journey, Xavril and Ian arrive in Leccinon. At the gate, they are greeted by Amafreya, Captain of the Guard. She confesses that Leccinon had not heard from Tenby for a few days and, due to Xavril’s civil servant background, leads the party to the Lord’s keep to relay any news.

Upon arriving in the keep, Xavril and Ian find Lord Carric who is too preoccupied with city matters to grant them an immediate audience. Because he is interested in news from Tenby, he invites the party to dinner in his keep that evening, where he will be entertaining a few other noble guests from the city. Xavril and Ian accept and depart, entering an inn nearby to establish rooms.

Once settled in their rooms, they are surprised by Berrian Oakenheel, a tailor who has been sent to garb them appropriately for the dinner. Ian and Xavril both receive custom fine clothing better than any they have worn before.

Ian and Xavril depart for the dinner. Upon arrival they meet Lady Vistra, Carric’s wife. They then meet Premier Donnar, a merchant. They then meet Astorio, the headmaster of the local college. Astorio asked Ian for a demonstration of his healing abilities and was thoroughly impressed by the result. Ian lies and claims that he is a civil servant healer for Tenby, hence why he knows magic. As the dinner commences, Donnar makes racist remarks about the elven servants, in particular Patrin. Amaferya is present at the meal but is mostly quiet. As a toast is given Donnar falls over dead, apparently from poison in his goblet.

Through careful sleuthing and finding clues, interviewing guests, and general Sherlocking, Ian and Xavril determine that Lady Vistra murdered Donnar to hide her secret that her and Lord Carric were extorting tax revenues to feed Vistra’s materialism. Amafreya was complicit as well.

As Ian reveals this to all the guests, Carric orders Ian arrested. Because of the evidence against Carric, Vistra, and Amafreya, Astorio is convinced and casts a sleep spell on the room to prevent those orders from being carried out. Lieutenant Rolan, guarding outside the door, hears the entire events that transpire. He takes the party’s side and arrests the lord, lady, and captain.

01: The Journey Begins

Ian Remoress wakes up in the Academy of Carceri, home of Corellon. Corellon is the god of light, magic, and the arts. Ian descovers that he has been granted powers, thereby making him a sorcerer.

Corellon bids Ian to promote the good use of magic to the empire of Ammoranthia. He first instructs Ian to travel to Tenby where a sympathetic ally awaits him. Following the meet-up, he is to travel to Leccinon, seek passage to Ammorath, and find favor in the capital city.

Ian spends two days travelling to Tenby. On the first night, he is awoken by a cockatrice ready to attack. Ian defeats the creature with little injury to himself and continues his journey.

Upon arrival in Tenby, Ian witnesses city guards being attacked by a small goblin horde. One of the guards, Xavril Onyxarm, sustains slight injuries but Ian heals him with magic. Because magic is not well-received in Ammoranthia, Xavril is shocked but expresses his complacence with the ethical use of magic.

Xavril and Ian retire to the tavern to talk after the battler. Xavril is a follower of Kord, the god of tempest, strength, and storms. Ian convinces Xavril to quit his job as a city guard and join his quest by appealing to Xavril’s noble senses and conveying the righteousness of Ian’s cause.

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