The Divine Territories

01: The Journey Begins

Ian Remoress wakes up in the Academy of Carceri, home of Corellon. Corellon is the god of light, magic, and the arts. Ian descovers that he has been granted powers, thereby making him a sorcerer.

Corellon bids Ian to promote the good use of magic to the empire of Ammoranthia. He first instructs Ian to travel to Tenby where a sympathetic ally awaits him. Following the meet-up, he is to travel to Leccinon, seek passage to Ammorath, and find favor in the capital city.

Ian spends two days travelling to Tenby. On the first night, he is awoken by a cockatrice ready to attack. Ian defeats the creature with little injury to himself and continues his journey.

Upon arrival in Tenby, Ian witnesses city guards being attacked by a small goblin horde. One of the guards, Xavril Onyxarm, sustains slight injuries but Ian heals him with magic. Because magic is not well-received in Ammoranthia, Xavril is shocked but expresses his complacence with the ethical use of magic.

Xavril and Ian retire to the tavern to talk after the battler. Xavril is a follower of Kord, the god of tempest, strength, and storms. Ian convinces Xavril to quit his job as a city guard and join his quest by appealing to Xavril’s noble senses and conveying the righteousness of Ian’s cause.


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